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Seattle Mariners Justus Sheffield Jersey

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Who would have expected this? A pitchers’ duel in the series finale between the Mariners and the Angels?

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Boasting one of the best offensive lineups in the majors — with superstar Mike Trout leading the way — Womens Justus Sheffield Jersey, the Angels score a lot of runs. And with a mediocre pitching staff, they give up a lot of runs.

Their 10-5 win over the Mariners on Saturday and their 7-4 loss on Friday are typical Angels scores.

But with Mariners starter Justus Sheffield working out of trouble several times, the bullpen coming through and the offense doing just enough, the Mariners defeated the Angels 2-0 Sunday afternoon at T-Mobile Park.

“They really battle and compete and they like the competition, highlighted today by what Sheff was able to do,” Mariners manager Scott Servais said. “He had all kinds of traffic (on the bases) the first couple of innings and he just did not give in, Navy Justus Sheffield Jersey, trying to make pitch after pitch. … He got it going today and we certainly needed it.”

The Angels, who entered the game leading the major leagues in batting average (.265) and second in the American League in runs per game (5.0), were shut out for the first time this season.

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The fewest total runs in an Angels game this season had been five.

Sheffield (2-2) wasn’t sharp early, with two hit batters and a walk in the first two innings, but he was able to escape trouble.

The Angels had runners on first and third with one out in the second inning before Sheffield struck out Max Stassi and got David Fletcher to fly out to right field — with Sam Haggerty making a nice running catch on a ball that looked like trouble for the Mariners.


The Angels had runners at first and third again with one out in the third inning, but Sheffield escaped again, getting Jared Walsh to hit into a double play.

The Mariners were held to one hit through three innings, but got on the scoreboard in the fourth inning. With one out, Kyle Seager and Kyle Lewis hit consecutive singles.

After Jose Marmolejos struck out, Dylan Moore hit a soft fly ball to right field that dropped in for a hit, giving the Mariners a 1-0 lead.

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Seattle scored another run in the fifth as Luis Torrens led off the inning with a double and scored on a one-out sacrifice fly from Mitch Haniger.

Two runs aren’t enough very often against the Angels.

But it was enough Sunday, with Sheffield leading the way with six scoreless innings. The left-hander threw 103 pitches, allowed two hits, Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, three walks and he hit a pair of batters. He lowered his earned-run average from 5.32 to 4.23.

“Heck of a job by Sheff,” Servais said. “He had a heck of a slider today and he needed it against that lineup.”

Sheffield said he wasn’t happy with his command, but he battled through it.

“Even with runners on, I felt I didn’t get really quick,” Sheffield said. “I stayed within myself, I stayed under control and I made some pitches when I needed to. That’s pretty much what this game boils down to — making pitches when I really needed it.”

Will Vest, Anthony Misiewicz, Kendall Graveman and Rafael Montero finished off the shut out.

Oakland Athletics Sergio Romo Jersey

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The Oakland A’s waited out the bullpen market last winter, and one of their prizes for that gamble was Sergio Romo on a modest one-year free agent contract.

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That was a nice get! Romo has been nonstop excellent for more than a decade, with a level of long-term consistency that is rare among relievers. Nobody’s perfect, but Romo has never been less than solid over a full season Youth Sergio Romo Jersey, and he’s almost always been good.

Unfortunately, the right-hander got off to a rough start in 2021. His first seven games, through April 21:

Romo, first 7 gms: 6⅓ ip, 9 runs, 4 Ks, 3 BB, 2 HBP, 1 HR, 12 hits
It was a disaster. He had more runs than innings, and more free passes (BB + HBP) than strikeouts. Statcast put his xwOBA at a gargantuan .401, including a dozen pieces of hard contact, half of those being rockets over 100 mph in exit velocity. On an individual level, only two of the seven outings were scoreless, Orange Sergio Romo Jersey, and only one of those really went well.

Cue the understandable panic. Was this the end of Romo as a trustworthy late-inning arm? He’s never relied on velocity, and his pitches still move like crazy, but he’s 38 and Father Time comes for everyone eventually.

Since then, Romo has pitched in seven more games, with the majority coming against the contending Rays and Blue Jays.

Romo, next 7 gms: 6 ip, 1 run, 7 Ks, 2 BB, 0 HBP, 0 HR, 2 hits
That’s more like the reliever we were expecting. Granted, he was mostly used with the team trailing on the scoreboard, but the games were almost always still close so they weren’t necessarily garbage time. Break it down individually and it looks even better:

Entered jam trailing by two, with two on and two out, got a popout to escape
Scoreless inning at end of close loss, albeit issued two walks
Next three outings: Perfect 1-2-3 frames, twice with 2 Ks, twice in under 10 pitches, and once to hold a close lead
Entered jam trailing by one, with bases loaded and one out, got hammered, all inherited runners scored plus one, hurt his leg making a hustle play backing up a teammate’s error, causing him to hop around in visible pain after every pitch, then still recorded two more outs and even tried to help cover first base on a grounder even though he could barely walk
Three days later, came back fine and struck out the side in a one-run game
That’s six good games and one bad, which is a promising rebound. And even on the bad day, he went above and beyond in what I can only describe as a championship-level effort, between heads-up hustle, gutting through pain, Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, and (although the damage had already been done) still recording outs almost literally on one leg. If that’s your bad day, then I want you on my team.

Statcast is a fan of the recent improved split, too, with a minuscule .152 xwOBA. Out of 22 batters, only four hit it hard, including the two hits, a lineout, and a groundout. Every other batted ball was a weak auto-out with virtually no chance of success. And that’s only the ones who made contact, as he struck out 32% of his hitters.

Sure, it’s only seven good games. But the April slump was only seven bad games, and before that he was good for 13 years. Which part feels like the outlier? I’d bet on the small sample at the beginning of a new season.

There’s not any specific reason for concern anyway. His velocity is, I dunno, 24 mph? Who cares, his pitches still dance around like poorly constructed paper airplanes, and as long as he can lift his arm to throw them and maintain whatever muscle memory he uses to command them I don’t see why it should ever stop working. The last time he was on the injured list was 2017, for an ankle.

Romo’s ERA still stands at an ugly 7.30, because it takes a long time for a reliever’s stats to correct after such a thorough torching. His peripherals are ugly, because he really did get beaten in those early April games, he wasn’t just unlucky. But set that all aside and check it again in July.

Twice this year, the A’s have asked Romo to guard a close lead, and both times he focused up and nailed it down with a perfect inning — including the only good game he had during his slump. Last year for the division-winning Twins he was 87% successful in save/holds. For his career he’s at 91.2% in 355 situations, which is an elite conversion rate in sizable volume. And he can do it in October, considering he has three rings, no need to mention in what uniform.

There’s no sense in truly predicting relievers, but there’s simply nothing to worry about here. Romo had a couple rough weeks in April, and now he’s heating back up to his customarily high level. Appears healthy, knock on wood, until or unless further notice. He hasn’t gotten much setup work yet, but when he begins to, it should continue to go well according to all data he’s ever produced, including this very season.

It’s looking more and more like the A’s got their bargain late-inning arm after all.

Oakland Athletics Yusmeiro Petit Jersey

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Pitcher win-loss record is one of the worst stats in baseball. It has the initial allure of something meaningful, but then delivers absolutely no reliably useful information. For starting pitchers it assigns credit and blame for teammates’ accomplishments, and for relievers a win might actually mean they blew the lead before getting bailed out by their lineup.

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Individual win-loss is such a toxic stat in this full-team sport that I almost never even mention it on this site. At best it tells you what you already learned from other superior metrics, and at worst it straight-up lies to you.

However! Right now an Oakland A’s pitcher leads the American League in wins, and it’s always interesting to lead the league in anything — especially when it’s not the player you would have expected.

After picking up the win in Friday night’s victory over the Los Angeles Angels, reliever Yusmeiro Petit now has a 6-0 record for the season, Signed Yusmeiro Petit Jersey, through 46 games for his team.

The MLB leader in wins is St. Louis Cardinals starter Jack Flaherty, with eight already. After that come a half-dozen pitchers tied with six apiece, including three National Leaguers in Clayton Kershaw (LAD), Julio Urias (LAD), and Trevor Rogers (MIA). The AL leaderboard looks like this:

Yusmeiro Petit, OAK, 6 wins
Gerrit Cole, NYY, 6 wins
Aaron Civale, CLE, 6 wins
Note: Cole earned his sixth win this afternoon.

Setting Petit apart from all the other pitchers mentioned is that they’re starters and he’s a reliever. That’s not as odd as you might think, though, at least this early in the season. By the end of the year the leaderboard will be all starters, White Yusmeiro Petit Jersey, but they’ll compile those totals gradually, five or 10 days at a time. Relievers can rack up wins in bunches, even in consecutive games, so they can jump out to quicker starts in this department in April and May.

To Petit’s credit, most of his relief wins have been the good version, in which he enters a tie game in the late innings and buys time for the A’s lineup to mount its own go-ahead charge. It’s still a somewhat arbitrary distinction that he gets the entire “win,” but at least it was a reward for doing something good in a high-leverage situation.

The right-hander’s sixth win on Friday was the other kind. He entered with a lead, blew it and let the opponent pull ahead, and then his teammates bailed him out by retaking the lead. They won in spite of his whoopsie, but he was still in the game after the re-comeback so he gets one of the most paradoxical combinations of stats in the sport — both the blown save and the win in the same contest.

Of course, we don’t need a 6-0 record to tell us that Petit has been excellent this year, and already worth the modest $2.55 million the A’s spent to bring him back in free agency.

Petit, 2021: 2.45 ERA, 25⅔ ip, 18 Ks, 5 BB, 1 HR, 21 hits, 2.84 FIP, .248 xwOBA
That’s the best xwOBA on the team, and it’s tied with former A’s closer Liam Hendriks in his new home with the White Sox. And some more reliever stats …

Petit, 2021: 1 save, 6 holds, 1 blown, 1.50 WPA, 9-of-13 inherited stranded
That’s a strong 88% success rate holding leads, Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, and his Win Probability Added mark ranks 10th among MLB relievers and 16th among all pitchers in the majors. After allowing his first four inherited runners to score in the season-opening series against the Astros, he’s now stranded his last nine in a row.

So, pick your measure for why the 36-year-old with the 87 mph fastball is still one of the best relievers in the league. And in this case, you can even use a junk stat like pitcher win-loss to prove the point.