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Davis Webb always envisioned he’d end up inside NFL meeting rooms.

A star quarterback in high school and college, he was drafted in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the New York Giants after setting records at Texas Tech and California.

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He was supposed to be the heir apparent to Eli Manning, but instead – two teams later and still without an NFL snap to his name – he’s the fourth string quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

Webb, 26, the son of a high school coach who has long enjoyed a play sheet and film session just as much as throwing a touchdown pass, has found a way to be an invaluable piece for the Bills. He hasn’t given up on his dream to play quarterback Stitched Davis Webb Jersey, in the NFL but he’s working while he waits.

He has a new goal – to coach. And toward that end he invests hours upon hours watching video, breaking down plays and learning – ever learning – from the Bills staff.


On Tuesdays, an off day for players during the season, offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is up against the clock trying to get the team’s first and second down plays for Sunday’s game finalized and delivered to the players by 4 p.m. Webb said players love this about Daboll because it’s not always like this around the league where players have a few hours on Tuesday night to start visualizing his plan.

Quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey is focused specifically on Josh Allen, grinding through film, trying to think up new ways to tweak and improve his mechanics. Assistant quarterbacks coach Shea Tierney is busy drawing up pictures of the opposing team’s defense to help the QBs prepare.

Most players show up to the facility to work out or get treatment following the previous week’s game, but it’s not usually a place they come to hang out for the day. But that’s where Webb thrives, all hours of the day or night, his fingerprints cover playbooks and game sheets.

“Nobody wants to be in the facility all day,” Webb said. “Well, if you do, you’re unique and rare and you should probably be a coach. But most people aren’t that way.”

On Tuesdays, Webb is like a giddy kid at a candy store peaking through the window just waiting for the store owner to flip the sign on the door to open up shop.

“Coaches are up there game planning. I try to sneak up there and steal any minutes I can get with them,” Webb said. “Stop by and give Shea a little mental break and hang with him a little bit.”

Webb’s coaching acumen first came to light for Bills fans last offseason when he led the Florida workouts in May. He spent most of last season on the Bills practice squad, but was rewarded with a late-season call up. Sean McDermott said Red Davis Webb Jersey, he had never been around a player who had added as much value as Webb. Daboll called him one of the greatest teammates he’s ever seen. Jon Feliciano called him Buffalo’s own Tree Rollins, who served as a player-coach for the Orlando Magic in the 1990s.

So has Webb always been like this? Always.

Texas State head coach Jake Spavital, Webb’s offensive coordinator at California-Berkeley in 2016, marveled at his QB while watching film on loop with him back in the day. The two spent just one season together but still compare notes whenever they can catch up.

Spavital knows his former pupil is destined for greatness when he does decide to start coaching.

“He’s the kid where I’d be like, ‘You got to go home, man. Like please,’” Spavital said. “Me and him built a really good relationship because we were up in the office, literally from 6 a.m. until 8 at night – and sometimes even later. We were just together all day, every day. We were literally on the same page.”

Webb keeps pages of notes on what he learns watching tape and hears during team meetings. He said that he’s created quite the library of notes just in the two years he’s been in Buffalo.

When practices start on Wednesday, Webb’s wild week is just beginning.

davis webb
Buffalo Bills quarterback Davis Webb (7) warms up prior to an NFL football game against the New England Patriots, Monday, Dec. 28, 2020, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Stew Milne)AP


This day is the first team practice of the week as the Bills prep for their next opponent. Webb said there will be meetings all day to introduce the defense they’re playing.

“If I hear Dabes or Chad (Hall) or Dors or Shea say something that pertains to Josh or the guys I meet with later in the week, usually young guys… Davis Webb Jersey Amazon, I’ll take those notes,” he said. “Like if they say something to Gabe Davis, I’ll take that note and I’ll put it at the very bottom of my notes where I call it ‘My Report.’”

Webb spends more time breaking down film and working with players off the field than he does playing quarterback. In fact, on Wednesdays he plays cornerback on the scout team defense. He won’t get to throw a pass until Friday.

After practice Webb goes back and watches it. He’ll cycle through all the offensive plays and watch each receiver. Stefon Diggs runs 99 percent of his routes on time every rep, Webb said. But maybe there’s one route on a brand new play that he ran for the first time and it didn’t hit his brain right away.

“I’ll write that down and make a mental note so he can look at it,” Webb said. “I usually send that (report) on Saturday so he can look at it Saturday night or Sunday morning before the game.”


During practice Webb stays busy splitting time between the defense and special teams units while the offense works on third down plays.

“Thursday is a big special teams day. Kickoff, kickoff return, punt, punt return,” he said. “So I hang out with (special teams coaches) Heath (Farwell) and (Matthew) Smiley, and give them a hard time and try to do the best I can at that.”

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