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New York Knicks M.J. Walker Jersey

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NEW YORK, October 16, 2021 – The New York Knicks announced today that the team has waived guard Brandon Knight, forward Aamir Simms and guard M.J. Walker.

Simms, 6-8, 245-pounds, appeared in two preseason games and averaged two points and 2.5 rebounds over 6.8 minutes.

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The Palmyra, VA-native, played four seasons at Clemson University (2017-21) recording 9.2 points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.6 assists over 25.3 minutes in 122 games (100 starts). During his senior season, Simms was named to the 2020-21 All-ACC Second Team after producing a career best 13.4 points to go along with 6.4 rebounds and 2.7 assists over 29.7 minutes in 24 games (all starts). He originally signed with the Knicks on August 18.

Walker, 6-5, 213-pounds, appeared in three games for the Knicks 2021 Summer League entry in Las Vegas, NV. He averaged 4.7 points and 2.7 rebounds over 16.1 minutes. He did not appear in any preseason games after signing with the Knicks on August 20.

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The Jonesboro, GA-native, played four seasons at Florida State University (2017-21) recording 9.0 points, 2.0 rebounds and 1.6 assists over 24.3 minutes in 120 games (82 starts). During his senior season, Walker was named to the 2020-21 All-ACC Second Team after producing a career best 12.2 points to go along with 2.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists over 29.0 minutes in 24 games (23 starts).

The roster now stands at 16 players, including one Two-Way player.

New York Knicks Jericho Sims Jersey

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There is a belief among some NBA media members that Jericho Sims could be the heir apparent to the starting center position for the New York Knicks due to the uncertain future of Mitchell Robinson. Marc Berman of the New York Post stated on August 5th that Sims could take over as starting center if Robinson gets injured or gets traded at some point next season.

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However, Sims doesn’t have the skill set required to be the starting center for the Knicks. Sims is a player who excels close to the basket as he shot 76.6 percent in the restricted area in four seasons at the University of Texas, on 1.4 shots per game.

Sims averaged 1.1 points per game in the restricted area: 16.7 percent of his total offensive production. Unfortunately, there are only two ways that New York Knicks’ big men get to the basket: by cutting or being a roll man.

Mitchell Robinson spent 26.8 percent of his possessions as a cutter, averaging 1.9 possessions per game. He shot 76 percent from the field on 1.6 shots. He averaged 2.6 points per game as a cutter last season.

Robinson supplemented his time by being a roll man as he spent over 22.8 percent of the time in the role, averaging 1.6 possessions per game. Robinson was able to excel in the role as he shot 74.4 percent from the field on 1.4 shots per game, generating 2.3 points.

Let’s take a look at why the New York Knicks drafted Jericho Sims at the wrong time due to the skill set of their best player Julius Randle.
However, the presence of Mitchell Robinson puts the team’s best player in a position to struggle, as Julius Randle spent a significant portion of his minutes standing behind the arc. For example, Randle stood on the right wing as RJ Barrett had the ball right next to him, waiting for Robinson to come up and start a pick and roll.

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Barrett held the ball until Robinson came up to set the screen. Barrett went over the screen, intending to attack the basket. Unfortunately, two Wizards players surrounded him, leading to Barrett throwing a lob pass to Robinson for a dunk.

Randle averaged a career-high in spot-up possessions and 3-point attempts, averaging 5 and 5.5, respectively. Sadly, Randle hasn’t been able to thrive in this area of his game, as he has shot below 40 percent on spot-up attempts since 2015 on 2.5 shots per game. He performed even worse from the 3-point shooting department, making 34.2 percent of his attempts on 2.2 shots per game.

Randle’s struggles from behind the arc contributed to the team performing badly on the floor with Mitchell Robinson. The team shot 44.9 percent from the field on 44.8 shots per game. They averaged 52.6 points per game, but that production wasn’t enough, as they got outscored by 0.1 points in 24.8 minutes per game.

The team did much better when they had Randle on the floor as the lone big man because Randle is a much more consistent player below the 3-point line. Randle has shot above 50 percent below the 3-point line on over 11 attempts per game since 2015. The field goal percentage helped him generate 11.6 points per game, 66.7 percent of his scoring output.

Randle’s increased consistency inside the arc led the team to perform better when he was on the floor with a wing, like Derrick Rose. The team shot 46.2 percent from the field when he was on the floor with Derrick Rose, on 30.7 shots per game. The team averaged 39.4 points and outscored opponents by 3 points per game when Randle and Rose were on the floor together for 17.4 minutes.

Therefore, Sims can’t be looked at as the center of the future, at the current moment, because of the presence of Julius Randle.

Brooklyn Nets James Johnson Jersey

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After a long off season that began with laments about Kevin Durant’s foot and is ending with concerns over Kyrie Irving’s arm, the Nets are still the favorite to win it all. So say the bookmakers, the pundits and, of course, us fans.

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Parades are, of course, be on hold. Lots of teams go into a season as favorites only to watch the last game on a big screen in Cancun (or Turks & Caicos, a Nets favorite), Still, it’s hard not to be enthusiastic, not with Kevin Durant and James Harden on your team. This is also the Nets 10th season in Brooklyn and those seven and eight year olds from Brooklyn Heights to Canarsie who bought their first gear back in the day are now fully invested. They, like all of us, can taste it, bittersweet and all.

Of course, questions big and small linger … and not all of them surrounding how long Irving will be out. Here’s a few we hope the team can answer.

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Will the defense which was the focus of so many off-season moves — from adding veterans like James Johnson, Jevon Carter and Patty Mills to signing two 3-and-D prospects to two-way deals — actually get it done?. The Nets went from 28th in regular season to fourth in post-season in defensive ratings but they’ll need greater consistency if they’re going to win it all.
How healthy can the Nets be? Healthier hopefully than last year, when the Big Three played together for only 224 minutes from Opening Night to Game 7 of the Buck series. Durant and Harden played only 35 and 36 games in regular season. The Nets reinforced depth chart will help, but if either KD or Harden goes down for a significant stretch of time and Irving is still out, well, that could spell disaster.
How soon can the Nets build chemistry? With Irving at home, the Nets have only six players left from the team that lost to the Bucks in June: Kevin Durant, James Harden, Joe Harris, Blake Griffin, Bruce Brown and Nicolas Claxton. That’s it.
Who gets minutes up front? This isn’t such a bad question. Blake Griffin is back, LaMarcus Aldridge and Paul Millsap are healthy, playing well in preseason while Nic Claxton once again showed promise in Thursday’s preseason games. Plus the Nets have added a veteran enforcer in James Johnson and a promising teenager in Day’Ron Sharpe.
Is the wing position stretched thin? Joe Harris looks like he’s over his Bucks series shooting woes and DeAndre’ Bembry looks like a nice pick-up particularly on defense. After that, is the roster imbalanced? A hot shooting Bruce Brown would help immeasurably since he already brings it on defense, but are the Nets taking Harris’ durability for granted? He’s missed a total of 16 games over the last four years.

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Will Patty Mills provide added leadership as well as on-court production? Both will be needed without Irving in the gym or the arena. He was the biggest off-season acquisition if you measure things in terms of money. In an off-season where “vets minimum” was at the center of the Nets word cloud, Mills got a two-year, $12 million. Mills proved his mettle in the Olympics, bringing home Australia’s first medal with a record-breaking performance in the bronze medal game. And without Irving, Mills is now the only Net other than Durant with an NBA ring.
Will James Harden start slow? He spent most of the summer rehabbing his hamstring which gave him some trouble even before last year. His conditioning is better but getting back to James Harden-level excellence may take some time. He looked good Thursday. There are also questions about how much new rules will affect his ability to continue as a free throw magnet.
Finally, the big one, where does the offense come from with Irving watching from home in West Orange? We — and everyone else in Netsdom — have written about it. Start with KD and Harden of course. Add increased production from Griffin and Mills and Carter and Brown maybe Cam Thomas; better ball movement, particularly among the veteran bigs. We shall see.
Steve Nash has been cagey about it all, starting with Irving.