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LOS ANGELES — Lakers star Anthony Davis says he will make his return from a nine-week absence on Thursday against the Dallas Mavericks, so long as his right leg responds well to Wednesday’s practice.

Davis said he now feels “100 percent” healthy from the calf strain and tendinosis in his right leg but detailed the scary moments after the injury occurred.

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“I never tore an Achilles, but I kind of felt like sharp pain, like it was ripping, which I had never felt before,” Davis said. “… So I knew it was something serious. It wasn’t as serious as it could have been, but it was still a pretty significant injury.”

Prior to undergoing an MRI, which confirmed the tendinosis he was already playing with and revealed a calf strain, the 28-year-old Davis feared the diagnosis and wondered if the Lakers’ bid for a championship Cheap Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys From China, repeat would have to go on without him.


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“I did think that I had probably partially torn it,” he said, “which I was definitely afraid.”

Lakers coach Frank Vogel said Davis will start against the Mavericks and that his playing time will be limited to the 15-minute range for the first two games he plays. The restriction will be gradually released from there, Vogel said, in consultation with Davis and the team medical staff.

“If you’re out for this long, it usually takes a couple of weeks, to be honest, to really feel like you have your legs under you and you’re in rhythm and your rhythm and timing is back, as well as working in new teammates,” Vogel said. “So it’s going to take some time.”

Davis said that LeBron James, sidelined with a right high ankle sprain for the last month, still “probably has a couple weeks or so” before joining him in the lineup.

L.A. has gone 14-16 since Davis went out on Feb. 14, falling from No. 2 to No. 5 in the Western Conference standings. The Lakers are 2½ games in back of the fourth-place Denver Nuggets with 14 games left in the regular season.

“It’s going to be my job to try to help the team stay afloat until he comes back as well and stay fighting,” said Davis, who is averaging 22.5 points Cheap Los Angeles Lakers Throwback Jerseys, and 8.4 rebounds in 23 games. “But this team has done more than we can ask for.”

Vogel said that playing through Davis for a period of time with James still on the mend could help L.A. avoid in-game regression when the four-time MVP sits to rest.

“Even when Bron comes back, he doesn’t play 48 minutes,” said Vogel, who limited James to a career-low 33.9 minutes per game before he got injured. “We’ve got to win the minutes when he’s out. This has been an area that’s been hit-or-miss for us the last two years, performing when Bron’s out. These extended minutes should be a silver lining in helping us be better in those stretches.”

While the Lakers wait on James, Davis will get his first chance to play with L.A.’s other AD — Andre Drummond — for the first time since the big man was picked up off the buyout market.

“I think it’s gonna be fairly quick for us to really adapt to each other because we both are guys who want to learn from each other and who want to win at the end of the day,” Davis said of the former All-Star center. “And when you’ve got two guys who want to win, you find ways to make it happen.”

For Davis, who said he tried to emulate Lakers reserve Jared Dudley while he was sidelined by being more vocal with his teammates, Cheap Los Angeles Lakers Youth Jerseys, the long layoff reminds him of last season — when the Lakers followed up a 4½-month hiatus because of the coronavirus by winning the championship.

“I think there’s some similarities,” Davis said. “I mean, I think we were playing good basketball before the hiatus, and then it stopped and we had to get back and find that rhythm again. Find that togetherness and that camaraderie.

“It’s kind of the same thing.”

Golden State Warriors Kent Bazemore Jersey

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It was another long night for the Golden State Warriors. The Toronto Raptors blew them out by an embarrassing total of 53 points. Being without superstar Stephen Curry (tailbone) and Draymond Green (finger), things got out of hand quickly. Veteran Kent Bazemore spoke with ClutchPoints about this devastating loss.

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“It’s a lot of things that go through your mind when you’re out there on the floor down so much. You try to erase the scoreboard Authentic Kent Bazemore Jersey, and try to play with that grit. Get your team going a little bit,” said Bazemore.

The Dubs didn’t put up much of a fight in Friday night’s contest. After going down 20 at halftime, it appeared the Warriors gave up. When head coach Steve Kerr was asked about his team’s performance, he replied.

“Humiliating, for everybody involved,” said Kerr.

Kent Bazemore told the media when he came back this year to play for the Warriors. He imagined they would be a Signed Kent Bazemore Jersey, top-three or four seed in the west. He said he came back to compete for a championship where it all started for him. Friday night’s disgrace was not in his plans at all.

“It hurts to get smacked like that. I’m a grown man with a family, so when you get your butt handed to you, it’s not pleasant,” Bazemore deciphered.

The struggling Warriors will face the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta Sunday, where they will attempt to exit this three-game Brown Kent Bazemore Jersey, road trip with at least one victory. Hopefully, with a day off between games, Curry and Green will have enough time to rest up and be good to battle the Hawks.

Utah Jazz Bojan Bogdanovic Jersey

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Bojan Bogdanovic was one of the best free agency acquisitions in Utah Jazz franchise history. And he rewarded the team last season by being an automatic 20 points per game scorer for the entire season. He also brought us some amazing memories such as theses:

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I still get goose bumps when I re-watch those shots!

Honestly, I came to love Bogdanovic faster than almost anyone else in Jazz memory. His shot was so smooth and that spacing has opened the Womens Bojan Bogdanovic Jersey, game for Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert so much more.

But then his wrist needed surgery and he missed the bubble. I’m still bummed by that, by the way. He would have made a huge difference last season, but that’s water under the bridge at this point.

The bigger problem is how that impacted him this year. When the season started, you could tell he still wasn’t right. He would have a brace on sometimes, other times you’d see him flipping his wrist as if something was wrong, or he’d grab it after an awkward landing as if it still hurt. He was terribly inconsistent, scoring 28 one night then just 6 the next on the same number of shots. Through the first 10 games he was shooting just 32% from three. It was painful to watch at times, especially when you knew who he was just a few months prior.

Things got better from there, but again, not consistently. He’d still have 5 game stretches where you could visibly see his confidence gone. He wasn’t willing to pull the trigger like usual, and when he did, he was off the mark. For example, in early February he had a 5-game stretch where he shot under 20% from 3. And he offered very little else to impact the games. It got bad enough that Quin Snyder finally decided Bojan Bogdanovic Jersey Amazon, to close with Joe Ingles instead.

But is Bogey finally getting comfortable again? Are the Utah Jazz finally getting the real Bojan Bogdanovic back? Just in time for the stretch run and playoffs?

Getty Images
It would appear that way!

Here are his numbers from the last 16 games:

17 points
4.2 rebounds
1.8 assists
45/40/88 shooting split!
It’s that last statistic that matters most for the Jazz. When Bogdanovic is that shooting sniper they signed in free agency, the Jazz are at their best. When you have to stay attached to him on the wing, it opens up the lane for Mitchell and Mike Conley. And when that happens? The blender commences.

And his last 5 games are even better. He’s put up 23.6 points per game in the last 5 and is at 42.5% from three as well! But the biggest White Bojan Bogdanovic Jersey, thing is that it just feels different now. I have that confidence in him again. More importantly, it looks like he’s playing with more confidence again. And that I just love to see.

Could he still have a few poor shooting nights here and there? Of course, every player does. But I think Bojan Bogdanovic is finally back. And that’s a big deal for Utah’s high playoff hopes.