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The Detroit Lions will be signing free agent cornerback Corn Elder to a one-year deal according to NFL Network’s’ Ian Rapoport. Elder had an in-person visit with Detroit on Thursday, and it apparently went well enough for the two sides to come to an agreement. At the moment, terms are not available.

Elder immediately slides in as the potential starter for the Lions at nickel cornerback. Though the four-year defender only has one career start Cheap Detroit Lions Jerseys From China in the NFL, he showed a lot of promise last year as the Panthers’ primary nickelback. In total, he played 303 snaps in the slot last year and allowed just 91.0 passer rating and one touchdown, according to Pro Football Reference. He has also been prominent on special teams for most of his professional career.

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At just 26 years old, Elder is young enough to potentially develop under what appears to be a promising coaching staff in former Pro Bowl cornerback Aaron Glenn at defensive coordinator and Aubrey Pleasant as defensive backs coach.

As of now, Elder is the only nickelback on the Lions’ current roster. Expect them to add some competition either in free agency or during the draft.

The Detroit Lions‘ new regime has much work to do to rebuild this franchise. But how they’re going about is more about being smart Cheap Detroit Lions Throwback Jerseys than just building.

Has anyone else noticed how the Lions’ new management goes about their business as compared to previous regimes? It’s a refreshing change to have a group that seems to have a plan they are implementing without giving everyone the ‘I’m the smartest man in the room’ routine.

If we’re being completely honest, there have been a few key faces in Allen Park since the turn of the century that have chosen to exude a lofty air about their business and how they do it. And quite frankly the results haven’t matched up to anything we would call genius.

The Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia era was a combination that thought much higher of themselves than their results revealed. Three coaches ago it was Jim Schwartz that roamed Ford Field and he was forever giving everyone the attitude that we understood nothing and he could and would cure everything.

Of course, that was not the case and if we go even further back, there was the Matt Millen era. We all know how poorly his reign Cheap Detroit Lions Youth Jerseys turned out as he entered with much bravado only to see his time in the Motor City become one lifeboat drill after another.

Millen’s annual drafting of a wide receiver in the first round for three straight years was almost as legendary as his turnstile of head coaches that were either in over their heads or were provided nothing of substance to work with on the field.

Pride cometh before the fall. That could be the Lions motto since the turn of the century. Not that this franchise wasn’t inept before then, but once you start allowing ‘high and mighty’ characters to have control of the fate of your team and it continues to mostly fail, then the spotlight becomes even more intense.

New general manager Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell don’t lack confidence. However, they have been very open to the press and fans about what they are doing without revealing their whole plan or being arrogant about it. I would certainly call that refreshing.

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