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What would be the impacts of the San Antonio Spurs adding John Collins?
The San Antonio Spurs already possess an embarrassment of riches in young backcourt talent, now fans are clamoring for a promising big man to pair Cheap San Antonio Spurs Jerseys From China, with their franchise building blocks. And one name that is constantly floated out as a target is Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins.

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San Antonio enters the summer in a cloud of uncertainty, with key veterans on expiring contracts possibly on the move. But all of these expiring deals could set up the organization could be one of free agency’s big spenders. With potential cap space north of $52 million, the Spurs find themselves in uncharted territory.

As one of the stars of this free-agent class and a man on Cheap San Antonio Spurs Throwback Jerseys, the hunt for a max deal, the noise behind John Collins’ possible fit with San Antonio is one that has caught the eyes of pundits and fans alike. It’s a fit that makes sense.

The 6’9, 235-lb power forward has been remarkable so far in the early years of his career since being selected 19th overall in the 2017 NBA draft. The athletic forward is seen as a franchise cornerstone in Atlanta next to budding superstar Trae Young, but with contract negotiations reportedly iffy, and Clint Capela and Danilo Gallinari being wonderful fits next to the young guard, the Hawks may not view Collins as indispensable as before.

Collins is a restricted free agent, the Hawks can match any deal that he gets. Still, the Spurs can make a strong push to land him and they Cheap San Antonio Spurs Youth Jerseys, just might pull it off. So let’s zoom in on the advantages and disadvantages of John Collins coming to the Alamo City, a possibility that gains more likelihood as we approach the summer.

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