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As Auburn WR Seth Williams watched 217 athletes selected before him in the 2021 Draft, he had no idea he’d be a Bronco by round six.

For Williams, watching name after name get called just added fuel to his fire.

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At any rate, he wasn’t anticipating being called on by Denver.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” he said in a press conference, Womens Seth Williams Jersey, “I’ve just been watching the TV and watching the draft.”

He added that he used to pay attention to Jerry Jeudy when he would play against him in college (Auburn vs Alabama), and that he looks forward to “learning some stuff” from Jeudy and the other receivers.

Asked what his strengths are, Williams cited his ability to catch contested passes and balls, as well as his physical play style.

“I can run and overpower my defenders that are guarding me. I’m able to make the big play and I don’t shy White Seth Williams Jersey, away from the big moment at all,” he explained. “I’m ready for it all.”

Williams’ college career boasted 132-receptions for 2124 reception yards, and 17 touchdowns. He attributes his red-zone success to one of his greatest strengths, being physical.

“That is one of my go-to things to do,” he explained. “Just being a big bodied receiver in the red zone is what I can do.”

He referred to two noteworthy receivers, Seahawks’ DK Metcalf and Packers’ Davante Adams as role-models for his game.

“I look at DK’s aggressiveness and the way he plays the game, and Davante’s quickness—the way he releases and his short game,” he said.

Now that he’ll be joining the likes of Courtland Sutton Camo Seth Williams Jersey, and Jerry Jeudy, it’ll be exciting to see how Williams’ role develops in Denver. He’s looking forward to it, too.

“It feels great to join a group of receivers that has already established themselves in the league,” he stated. “They are young and talented guys that I can look forward to coming in and working with.”

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