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It was another long night for the Golden State Warriors. The Toronto Raptors blew them out by an embarrassing total of 53 points. Being without superstar Stephen Curry (tailbone) and Draymond Green (finger), things got out of hand quickly. Veteran Kent Bazemore spoke with ClutchPoints about this devastating loss.

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“It’s a lot of things that go through your mind when you’re out there on the floor down so much. You try to erase the scoreboard Authentic Kent Bazemore Jersey, and try to play with that grit. Get your team going a little bit,” said Bazemore.

The Dubs didn’t put up much of a fight in Friday night’s contest. After going down 20 at halftime, it appeared the Warriors gave up. When head coach Steve Kerr was asked about his team’s performance, he replied.

“Humiliating, for everybody involved,” said Kerr.

Kent Bazemore told the media when he came back this year to play for the Warriors. He imagined they would be a Signed Kent Bazemore Jersey, top-three or four seed in the west. He said he came back to compete for a championship where it all started for him. Friday night’s disgrace was not in his plans at all.

“It hurts to get smacked like that. I’m a grown man with a family, so when you get your butt handed to you, it’s not pleasant,” Bazemore deciphered.

The struggling Warriors will face the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta Sunday, where they will attempt to exit this three-game Brown Kent Bazemore Jersey, road trip with at least one victory. Hopefully, with a day off between games, Curry and Green will have enough time to rest up and be good to battle the Hawks.

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