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Indianapolis Colts head coach, Frank Reich, remains confident in kicker Michael Badgley.

On Sunday, during the game between the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans, the Colts got an interception on the first play and quickly scored a touchdown. The defense then forced another turnover and it appeared as if Indianapolis was going to run away with the game.

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Then, the offense stalled, and out came veteran-kicker Michael Badgley to at least add on three points. As everyone anticipated a 10-point lead, Badgley missed the 35-yard field goal leaving everyone shocked and disappointed as Indy remained up just 7-0.

Indianapolis went on to win 31-0, so everything was cool. The missed kick was essentially water under the bridge, but that didn’t stop questions from the media about Badgley’s job security.

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Head coach Frank Reich silenced all the noise telling the media, “I’m not concerned, I guess it was bound to happen that he was going to miss a kick somewhere. I’m not going to overreact to one game.“

Frank Reich says Michael Badgley will remain starter
Reich is right not to overreact, as this is only Badgley’s first missed kick in a Colts uniform. In his eight games with Indianapolis, Badgley is 32-of-32 on extra points and now 11-of-12 on field goals. He’s more than earned the right to keep the position after one snafu.

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The reason it was a question is because of Badgley’s history and the other kicker on Indy’s roster, Rodrigo Blankenship. Blankenship, who the Colts signed last season, was originally the team’s starting kicker until he sustained a hip injury in Week 5.

Blankenship’s injury is what led Indianapolis to take the risk on the fourth-year Badgley who had been released by two franchises, including the Titans earlier this season. Badgley, however, has made the most of this opportunity and has remained the starting kicker even with Blankenship now healthy.

Fortunately for Badgley, his coach has enough grace to overlook one bad field goal attempt, but it can’t become a habit. With Indianapolis still in the playoff hunt, every point will count down the stretch, so while Reich isn’t concerned now, one more kick may change that.

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