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The Miami Dolphins have two receivers back on the roster after opting out of the 2020 season and both are healthy and ready to go.

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The careers of Albert Wilson and Allen Hurns are pretty similar. Both came into the league in 2014 with Wilson as part of the Kansas City Chiefs and Hurns with the Jaguars. Both players were also undrafted and each has had Nike Allen Hurns Jersey, a significant injury that put their careers in jeopardy.

Now, a year removed from the playing field, both players are trying to earn a roster spot with the Dolphins. Miami is likely to keep six receivers. DeVante Parker, Lynn Bowden, Jr., Will Fuller, and Jaylen Waddle make up the likely top four. Preston Williams should get the 5th spot leaving only one and maybe two spots on the roster.

The question is which one is a better fit for the Dolphins? Here are some side-by-side comparisons that could help.

Brian Flores:

Wilson was added to the Dolphins before Flores’ arrival.
Hurns was added in 2019 under the Grier/Flores regime.

Wilson – 12 receiving 1 running
Hurns – 25
TDs with Miami:

Wilson – 5
Hurns – 2
Receptions with Miami:

Wilson – 193 for 2,286 yards in two seasons.
Hurns – 32 for 416 yards in one season.
Albert wilson

Hurns – 3 concussions, ankle dislocation, patella fracture, neck strain/ankle sprain. His ankle and patella injuries occurred while with Dallas and required surgery. With Miami in 2019, he suffered a concussion in week 3 missing week 4, and the neck injury missing week 17. has Hurns rated as a medium risk.
Wilson – Shoulder sprain, knee strain, Throwback Allen Hurns Jersey,  hip tear, calf strain, concussion. In 2018, Wilson suffered a torn hip and missed the remainder of the season. He returned in 2019 but strained his calf muscle in week one and missed the next three games. In week 14 he suffered a concussion but didn’t miss any time. has Wilson rated as a high risk.

Wilson – 75 started 33
Hurns – 82 started 56
Salary cap:

Wilson – $5.18 million
Hurns – $2.88 million
Cap savings:

Wilson – $2.8 million
Hurns – $1.2 million
Dead money

Wilson – $2.3 million
Hurns – $1.6 million
Both players can be an electric addition to the Dolphins offense. They have similar skill sets with each being able to play outside or in. Wilson is the faster of the two but Hurns tends to run better routes.

With only a minimal cap hit, the Dolphins could opt for either Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, one of them or if they decide to keep both, could run with 7 receivers to start the season. The Dolphins also have to decide about the future of Jakeem Grant.

Earlier today it was reported by local media that Wilson was looking fast and was catching passes in stride. It should be noted that Wilson never fully regained his confidence after his hip injury and the same could be said about Hurns with his leg injury while playing for the Cowboys. Both were smart to use last year opting out option to fully recover. Now the question will be, who stays and who doesn’t?

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