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The New England Patriots finally added a long-anticipated (at least here) big back to help remedy their abysmal short-yardage situation. He’s Rhamondre Stevenson from Oklahoma.

Now, yes, I did suggest that the New England Womens Rhamondre Stevenson Jersey, team draft Rhamondre. (OUCH, I just dislocated my shoulder patting myself on the back!)

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Yet, that notwithstanding, I don’t like this pick, I absolutely love it – and in the fourth round no less.

But New England Patriots fans should be well aware that good things come from lower draft rounds. Tom Brady, Trey Flowers, Julian Edelman, Michael Onwenu, etc.

Stevenson is exactly what the New England Patriots have needed since the departure of one of this writer’s former favorite Patriots, Mr. LeGarrette Blount.

Blount scored 18 touchdowns in 2016. That was a Super Bowl-winning season, by the way, Atlanta. Blount was simply a terrific Patriot.

And it seems here that an unfortunate fumble in the Atlanta Red Rhamondre Stevenson Jersey, Super Bowl probably prompted his “leaving” the Patriots.

If so, that foolishness and a similar case of not using Malcolm Butler in the lost Philly Super Bowl, are blights on the legacy of the Patriots. Let’s hope they are not accurate. But …

Back to Stevenson. The New England Patriots have recently been inept, almost completely in short-yardage situations, for at least two years, if not since Blount departed in 2017. That’s four years. Inexcusable.

The New England Patriots no longer have to rely on their quarterback in short-yardage situations
During those years, the Patriots were pathetic in trying to extend drives on third or fourth down and short. They couldn’t and it cost them.

In addition, on the one or two-yard line, they couldn’t punch the ball into the end zone unless the quarterback kept the ball himself. Truly pathetic.

In Brady’s years, they had probably the all-time greatest quarterback sneak specialist in the history of the game. Unstoppable. But risky, very risky.

Last season, they had the amazing runner, Cam Newton. Almost unstoppable.

Except, that his coaches telegraphed that Rhamondre Stevenson Jersey Amazon, he’d run in those situations to anyone paying attention. Very costly.

Yet, utilizing your most important asset in such a dangerous, injury-possible situation is just not good player management at all. One injury and your entire season is ruined.

Now, that imperative is over, Finished. The Patriots have Stevenson.

He is now your short-yardage back. Questions?

Here’s what Evan Lazar, one of my favorite and one of the most astute Patriots’ analysts I’ve seen said on Twitter.

My own evaluation was that his size fits the bill. His per-carry average was outstanding. He’s scored touchdowns. He’s big. And … he’s big. Yes. And as Lazar said, “runs angry”. Right on.

It’s been written in this space before that the New England Patriots running back stable is okay. It ain’t great. Maybe Damien Harris will be a breakout player in 2021. Hope so.

But whatever the other backs do, here’s hoping that the coaching staff will have the perspicacity to put Stevenson on the field at least in short-yardage situations and more. He’ll get the job done.

So finally, the Patriots player personnel operation has recognized a deficiency and tried to remedy it. This time in the draft. They, unfortunately, did not rectify the thin situation at offensive tackle and that could come back to haunt them. Yet, there’s still time and hopefully, they will. Before the season.

The 2021 version of the New England Patriots is better, far better than the previous year’s version, at least on paper. They are built to win now.

They have been very aggressive and very positive in free agency and they have had a good, if not a really good draft. All positives. Add another good young offensive tackle and who knows.

Maybe they will crack that 10 win barrier and overtake a Buffalo Bills squad with very good management, excellent talent, and a terrific young coach.

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