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Nickeil Alexander-Walker has been a revelation in recent weeks for the New Orleans Pelicans, seeing a huge uptick in play brought upon by Lonzo Ball’s absence.

Alexander-Walker stepped into the Pelicans’ starting lineup on March 21 after Ball was sidelined with a hip injury. In the five contests since, Womens Nickeil Alexander-Walker Jersey, he has been a boon for the playoff-chasing Pels, but his improvement goes back to a shift in role that started two games prior to that.

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Since March 16, the Virginia Tech product has been employed in a capacity more akin to that of Ball’s this season. Stan Van Gundy’s decision to tweak Alexander-Walker’s use was a shrewd one and, despite the small sample size, Nickeil Alexander-Walker Jersey Ebay, looks primed to consolidate the Canadian combo guard as a permanent fixture in New Orleans’ rotation.

In the seven games after the clear shift in Alexander-Walker’s role, he has averaged about 16 points per game and is shooting a scorching 42 percent from three on more than nine attempts per game. Since entering the starting lineup, in particular, Alexander-Walker is yet to shoot less than nine threes on any given night.

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That is a massive increase in volume for Alexander-Walker. Prior to this, he only took three and a half threes per night on under 30 percent shooting. Alexander-Walker’s playing time was inconsistent and he was barely scoring over eight points.

It’s evident that the former Hokie should not be relied on as a self-dependent player at this stage of his career. This is only his second year in the NBA and, Camo Nickeil Alexander-Walker Jersey, even then, there are still moments where the speed of the league looks too fast for Alexander-Walker. That’s why a more simplified, co-dependent role looks a much better fit for him.

We can see this by delving a bit further into the threes that Alexander-Walker is putting up. Since his volume in threes generously increased, Alexander-Walker is taking a bit over eight catch-and-shoot threes per game and making them at a 42.4 percent clip. That’s more of those threes than anyone on the Pelicans by a considerable margin and puts him in the range of what Ball has achieved from downtown this season.

Before his hip injury, Ball was shooting around six catch-and-shoot threes per game at a 41 percent clip. Roughly 64 percent of Ball’s shots came from the perimeter, very close to how 65 percent of Alexander-Walker’s shots are threes since mid-March. These are nearly identical offensive roles, with the main difference being that Ball’s facilitating far exceeds that of Alexander-Walker’s.

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