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Steven Adams first season with the New Orleans Pelicans has been a success for him individually even though the team hasn’t met expectations.

The Pels had some fans scratching their heads when they not only traded for Adams but then extended him before ever having seen him play with the team.

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Some questioned how he would fit with Zion Williamson and whether they would have been better advised spending their Stitched Steven Adams Jersey, cap space somewhere else.

Though the team success has not been there, that is not Steven Adams fault, but it is still fair to question his long-term future with the New Orleans Pelicans.

New Orleans Pelicans: Is Steven Adams a fit with Zion Williamson?
I’ve talked all year about the types of players that the Pels need to put around Zion Williamson and Adams does not necessarily fit the mold.

Fans obsessed with the “spacing” issues are probably disappointed, as the Pels have had one of the best offenses in the NBA.

Their overall team defense has gotten worse, but their interior defense and rebounding have improved and that is a direct result of Steven Adams.

While the Pels definitely need to add some new players in the offseason, Adams’ fit has not really been an issue and would be less of Steven Adams Jersey Amazon, one one if they had better wing defenders.

New Orleans Pelicans: Will Steven Adams’ contract be a problem?
Adams will be making just over $17 million for the next two seasons after this, which is pretty much minimum wage for a starting center in the NBA.

The question is whether the Pels would be better off spreading that money around or investing it elsewhere? Adams’ contract won’t be the direct reason that the Pels don’t re-sign Josh Hart or maybe Lonzo Ball, but it won’t make it any easier either.

Considering his deal is up before the Pels have to extend Zion Williamson, it’s not crippling but it is fair to wonder if they could spend that money more efficiently, especially when you consider that a guy like Nerlens Noel does pretty much all of the same things and is getting paid way less.

Could the Pels go cheaper at center and use that money elsewhere? It’s a fair question.

New Orleans Pelicans: What about Jaxson Hayes?
Jaxson Hayes has been much better since returning from his benching and at least looks like a guy who can hold down regular minutes in an NBA rotation.

Willy Hernangomez has been excellent as a big man off the bench, so again, it is fair to question whether the Pels would be better served going Green Steven Adams Jersey, with these two at a fraction of what Adams costs.

Does the emergence of Hayes make Adams expendable? I don’t think we are there yet, as Hayes still has a lot of improvement to make on both ends.

But if Hayes continues to get better, it may allow the Pelicans to trade Adams next season for a more versatile wing-type who can offer them more in the way of perimeter defense.

I am a big fan of Steven Adams and absolutely think he can be part of the New Orleans Pelicans as they try to rebuild, but his contract and the emergence of Hayes might make him expendable in the future.

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