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Jordan Howard is known to be a man of few words, and he didn’t need many to get his point across Tuesday: He is not done yet.

Mere moments after signing a one-year contract to return to the Eagles, Howard was honest in that the running back market has been very slow Stitched Jordan Howard Jersey, so far in free agency. That was after Howard was unceremoniously released by the Miami Dolphins during the 2020 season before spending the rest of the year on the Eagles’ practice squad.

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It was a humbling experience for the former Pro Bowl running back who gained over 2,400 yards in his first two seasons with the Chicago Bears. However, in 2021, Howard is eager to prove those who believe his tank is empty wrong.

“I still feel like I have a lot left,” Howard told the media Tuesday.

Howard understands why teams would think his most productive years are behind him. He is a running back, after all, and the common perception White Jordan Howard Jersey, is that the shelf life for such a violent position is brief compared to others.

Because of that stigma Howard, just five months after his 26th birthday, admitted that he thought his career may have been over. But Howard took his mother’s advice and remained patient, hoping another opportunity to showcase his ability would come his way.

That chance came in the form of the Eagles, who are hoping Howard can be a bruising complement to Miles Sanders and Boston Scott, much like he was in 2019 before his season was cut short due to injury.

“I’m here to push Miles (Sanders) to just continue being the great NFL back he has the potential to be along with the rest of the room. We’re always going to push each other and make each other better,” Howard said.

Although Sanders and Scott are a pair of familiar faces, there a lot of new ones from the last time Howard was at the NovaCare Complex. Most notably, Head Coach Nick Sirianni.

Howard said Tuesday that he is excited to Jordan Howard Jersey Amazon, work with Sirianni because they both are looking to accomplish a lot of the same goals in 2021 and beyond.

“(Sirianni is) a young guy, the coaching staff is young, and they’re ready to prove themselves and as a team we’re ready to prove ourselves,” Howard said.

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