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Freddy Galvis was traded back to the Philadelphia Phillies at the deadline, and is thrilled to be home.

He made his MLB debut with the team in 2012, after they discovered him as a teenager and signed him. He’s made it clear that this is where he wants to be and says that despite bouncing around to multiple teams over the last few seasons, he always knew he’d return to Philly.

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When the Orioles traded him to the Phillies, Galvis was rehabbing from a quad injury. As such, he did not make his Phillies re-debut until August 25.

Freddy Galvis has a genius method of avoiding getting injured baserunning for the Phillies
As Matt Gelb of The Athletic noted on Monday, Galvis still isn’t feeling 100% after his injury. He told reporters that he is “trying to be smart” about baserunning so that he can prevent reinjuring when his new/old team is attempting a playoff run.

The easiest form of baserunning? Hitting home runs.

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Galvis has homered three times in his last four games, ensuring a slow, leisurely jog around the diamond.


— Philadelphia Phillies (@Phillies) September 6, 2021

MORE: Freddy Galvis always thought he’d come home
Between 2012-2017, Galvis played 654 games in red pinstripes, slashing .245/.287/.374 with a .661 OPS.

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Galvis has only played in 12 games since returning to the team, but he’s homered three times (in his last four games, no less), had two multi-hit games, scored 10 runs, and driven in nine. Since rejoining the Phillies, he has a positive Rbat value for the first time in his career, meaning he’s an above-average hitter.

The Phillies need Galvis to stay healthy as they attempt to make the playoffs for the first time since the year before his debut. If hitting homers is the way to do it, power to him, literally.

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