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Alright. Pop Quiz. In the 27 games that Abraham Toro has played with the Seattle Mariners since being acquired at the trade deadline, how many of those games has he reached base safely in?

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Probably not how you thought this article was gonna start out, but here we are. Toro has been playing really well since the Mariners got him at the deadline from Houston. Even the fans who had high hopes weren’t expecting anything like this to come from his play. Possibly a good utility guy who would provide breaks for others in the lineup.

Instead, the Mariners have found an answer and player for their future plans with Abraham Toro.

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Where he ends up playing, that part is yet to be determined. It sure looks like he is going to hit his way into the lineup somewhere, whether it be at 2nd, 3rd, or somewhere else entirely. Remember, Abraham Toro is only 24-years-old. He’s years away from reaching his prime and is already hitting incredibly well. Through 27 games with the Mariners, he is hitting .327/.404/.475. He rarely strikes out (under 12%), and plays some decent defense at second.

Figure out the answer yet?

It’s 26. Abraham Toro has been on base safely in 26 of 27 games. He’s got a hit in 22 of 27 games, including the eight-game hit streak he is currently on (knock knock).

The power has gone away a bit, but I think part of that was the adrenaline from being traded mid-series to the other team, going from the “away team” to the “home team”. It’s been 20 games without a home run for Toro, but the fact that he is continuing to hit and get on-base without that power shows a good mindset and not trying too hard.

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It’s a great audition for a team that is trying to figure out the solution at multiple positions, including two that he knows how to play in second and third. Toro is hitting his way into the Mariners future plans, and I’m all for it.

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One last thing to remember. Toro isn’t going to be a free agent until the 2025 season finishes. If he truly is a part of the Mariners plans going forward, and in this big a fashion, then the Mariners may have made one of the best deals at the deadline.

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