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Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill Jersey

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As Julio Jones trade rumors continue to flow in with several teams being mentioned, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has weighed in. Although the Chiefs have not been a rumored landing spot for the star wideout, it’s easy to dream about what Jones would bring to the Chiefs offense.

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Patrick Mahomes having the trio of Hill, Jones and Travis Kelce would be virtually unfair. If the Chiefs — in some world — were able to pull this off, Hill would be very happy.

“If I could play alongside Julio Jones, that would be amazing,” Hill told reporters in Wichita at Hill’s youth football camp, via The Kansas City Star. “I was in high school when he was doing his thing at Alabama, and I’ve been a fan ever since. How big he is, how fast he is and how dominant he is, we all know Julio is arguably the best in the game. If I’m able to play alongside Julio, I would love it.”

A seven-time Pro Bowl pick with two All-Pro first-team selections, Jones has caught 848 passes for 12,896 yards (15.2 average) and 60 touchdowns Nike Tyreek Hill Jersey, in 135 regular-season games (134 starts) from 2011-20. Selected by the Falcons as the 2011 NFL Draft’s No. 6 overall pick, Jones immediately became a top playmaker, following an illustrious three-year career at Alabama from 2008-10.

During Sunday morning’s edition of ESPN’s SportsCenter, NFL insider Jeremy Fowler broke down why each of the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, and Tennessee Titans would be a good fit for Jones. It came one day after he reported Jones prefers to go to a team that routinely throws the deep ball.

“Well, there’s certainly a few. Let’s start with the LA Rams. And I think that’s partly why the Rams got involved in this. ‘Look, we just got Matthew Stafford, one of the best deep-ball throwers, best arms in the league. You’ve got Sean McVay, the great offensive mind. Come to LA, let’s have some fun.’ But teams are still having a problem with some of the money involved, the draft-pick capital they’d have to give up,” Fowler said. “I think the Rams are in that boat. So haven’t been overly involved in recent days, Signed Tyreek Hill Jersey, but the Rams are always lurking, always willing to give up first-round picks.

“Now, let’s go to Seattle, another team that’s typically aggressive on the trade market. Russell Wilson — we saw ‘let Russ cook’ all this year, especially the first 8 to 10 games. Probably the best deep-ball thrower in the entire league. He loves Julio Jones, would love to play for him. Seattle knows that. I think they have a little bit of a problem with the money, that 15-million salary. They wouldn’t want to do that and give up a high pick — I know that. But they have at least internally still been discussing this.

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“Now, Tennessee and Ryan Tannehill — Tennessee came up the most around the league this last week on teams that could be aggressive in getting Julio. I know they’re still monitoring the situation. Still have some interest, to some degree, but haven’t really pulled the trigger. But Tannehill, the last few years he’s shown Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, he’s got the deep ball and the arm to get this done, coming off the play action. He’s got Derrick Henry. Everybody’s worried about him. Tannehill will drop back and throw a rainbow for a guy like Julio Jones to get under the ball.”