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Pittsburgh Steelers Vince Williams Jersey

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As contract numbers come in, it is my job here at Behind The Steel Curtain to bring you the most up-to-date salary cap number I can give. After waiting patiently for almost a week, reports have finally surfaced for Vince Williams’ one-year deal with the Steelers. This per Mark Kaboly of The Athletic.

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As you can see, Kaboly had to correct his original tweet to reflect Vince Williams’ salary instead of his cap hit. The Steelers were able to take $4 million off the books in March when they released Vince Williams, but it ultimately only Stitched Vince Williams Jersey, saved them $3.34 million because of roster displacement. By signing Williams back, they displacement pretty much goes away although now Williams is bumping a player who has a higher salary than what took his place in March.

What is much more important is Vince Williams’ salary for this year is the league minimum for someone with his years of service. While Williams is set to make $1.075 million for 2021, he will not count this much towards the salary cap according to overthecap.com. Because Williams qualifies asa veteran salary benefit, White Vince Williams Jersey, he will only count $850k against the 2021 salary cap. After roster displacement, this only lowers the Steelers salary cap by $70k.

In essence, although Williams will still count the more than $3 million in dead money from his previous contract, his new contract saves the Steelers over $3 million for 2021.

As for other players signed since the last salary cap update, OTC has the contracts for Jamir Jones and T.J. Carter as only for $660k each and they do not fall in the top 51. Abdullah Anderson has a contract of $780k which doesn’t fall in the top 51 as well. The only contract currently missing from the books for the Steelers is the exact financials for Joshua Dobbs.

Now where do the Steelers currently stand with the 2021 salary cap? Before free agency kicked off, the Steelers were little more than $6 million under the salary cap. Since then, the number has fluctuated due to various moves.

To determine how much each player changes the Steelers’ salary cap space, their cap number must be adjusted due to roster displacement. As a reminder, roster displacement is taking into account only the top 51 contracts for a team count towards the salary cap during the offseason. As a larger contract comes on the books, Vince Williams Jersey Ebay, it bumps a smaller contract out of the top 51. Therefore, it’s only the difference in those contracts that increases the salary cap number. With the last update, the Steelers displaced the last $660k salary and have now moved into the $780k group, meaning displacement amounts will be slightly lower.

Here is the approximate breakdown of the Steelers salary cap space based on their recent moves by my own calculations. The numbers are strictly the salary cap hit for each player in 2021.