Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sadarius Hutcherson Jersey

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Thick build throughout his frame with most of his weight through his quads, glutes, midsection and chest

—39 starts spread across three different positions

—Physical, rugged playing style with heavy hands to deliver jolt at the point of attack

—Picks up and passes off basic stunts and line games

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—Actively looks for work when uncovered in pass protection

—Does a solid job being thick on double-teams to cover up the DT and create vertical displacement

—Capable puller to both sides who can chauffeur defenders around the field when he finds them on his track


—High-cut frame with below-average play speed and lateral movement skills

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—Easily moved off of his spot when facing shifty Youth Sadarius Hutcherson Jersey, interior rushers who set up their moves with stutters and hesitations, creating open lanes and immediate penetration

—Struggles to redirect and mirror against post-snap and sudden movement across his face

—Feet lag behind his eyes and has a bad habit of lunging and leaning into blocks, leaving him vulnerable to the push-pull and being late to locate moving targets

—Tardy with his hands when rushers can set up their moves with misdirection and suddenness


—Started 10 games at left guard


—Invited and participated in the 2021 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

—45 game appearances with 39 career starts; 10 at left guard in 2020, 11 at left tackle/1 at left guard in 2019, 12 at right guard/1 Color Rush Sadarius Hutcherson Jersey, at left guard in 2018 and four starts in 2017

—Multiple-year SEC Honor Roll selection

—Named co-offensive scout team player of the year in 2016

—Was on Bruce Feldman’s “Freak” list for a 31.5-inch vertical, 500-plus-pound bench and 650-pound squat

—Signed to South Carolina as a 230-pound tight end and defensive lineman


Hutcherson has valuable experience at three different positions with a thick, sturdy build and substantial straight-line power that occurs in spurts on tape. He excels as the setup man on deuce blocks by being thick on contact to cover up and displace the opponent vertically and on down blocks using blunt force at the point of attack and his length to stack defenders inside.

Hutcherson can also pull to both sides and kick-out the end man on the line, force defenders and log when necessary. He struggles to adjust his track and redirect against moving targets because of marginal lateral quickness, Throwback Sadarius Hutcherson Jersey, oftentimes lunging at defenders to cut them off rather than using his feet to mirror, creating soft edges and quick inroads for defenders.

Along with inconsistent strike timing and placement as a pass-protector, he will likely be a liability whenever isolated in pass protection against quality interior defenders and reduced pass-rushers.

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