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The Washington Football Team signed two unheralded players to its roster this week.
Neither player – interior defensive lineman Gabe Wright and offensive guard Najee Toran – seems likely to make the final roster. Wright, who has not played in an NFL game since 2018, has 11 tackles in his four-year career. Najee Toran has even less of a track record.

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These moves generally fall under the heading of “deep depth.” But I have come to realize that you can learn a lot about a team’s Nike Najee Toran Jersey, philosophy if you think just a bit more about such moves.

The question is “why these two guys?” There are a great many marginal talents floating around out there who you could snap up as “deep depth.” Teams do it every year.

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So why did the Washington Football Team choose Wright and Toran?

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I’ll admit right up front, I have no clue why they opted for Wright. I can understand why they may have shied away from a more productive free agent like David Irving, who has been suspended during his career, Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, or former standout Jurrell Casey, who might still demand a higher salary despite being past his prime.

Washington obviously sees something worth a look in Wright. With four quality interior linemen in the fold, and Devaroe Lawrence waiting in the wings, Washington can afford to take a flyer.

The Toran signing, though – that one continues a very clear progression in the way in which the offensive line is being built.

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